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Germany Toll Free Number Have Expanded The Market

It was not long ago that toll free numbers were only available for your land lines. Then as time continued more businesses started relying on their mobile phones more, and less on their business land lines. As businesses used more mobile phones, they started realizing that paying for toll free numbers was a bit redundant.

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This is a trend that continued until the phone companies started to realize that should this trend continue they would be in a potential situation that would lead to a substantial decrease in their profits. This had already started to happen on an international level. Germany toll free numbers were about to become completely obsolete. Businesses were making a stand and through their actions demanding that the phone companies think outside the box to provide a solution to their problems.

In responses to these businesses plights, the phone companies came up with an alternative. They decided that instead of working around each of the problems, they would meld the two problems together and come up with one solution. Instead of just deleting or restricting the amount of toll free numbers available, as was the case with the Germany toll free number allotments, they increased the amount of toll free numbers available.

This included both domestic and international numbers. With the increase in availability, the cost per number was reduced to match most cell phone per call charges. A prime example of this is a direct mail company based in Germany. They used to use 1800 and 866 numbers until the cost of doing business was causing their marketing packages to become too expensive.

They then switched to local domestic numbers. This enabled them to continue marketing for their clients without taking a financial hit. With the change in Germany toll free numbers, they were able to re-institute using toll free numbers. This caused an increase in response rates. They were actually able to make a sizable profit.

As VoIP software became available, phone companies realized that they had stumbled into uncharted territories. If a consumer had access to VoIP hardware, they were now able to make private phone calls directly from their computers. When they would make calls to anyone using the same technology they could talk for hours for free.

Instead of panicking, telephone companies embraced this technology by providing countries with usable toll free numbers. For example, they provided Germany toll free numbers for free. They counted on the fact that most companies or individuals were not up on this technology and not able to take full advantage of the discounts. To date this has worked in their favor.


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